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The first Crypto Card to enjoy the whole world

Privileges in the luxury industry, in the lifestyle industry, in the entertainment industry and good living, a world of PREMIUM privileges for our ROSE GOLD Card members. 

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A card for the lifestyle of our members.

Use your CRYPTO Mastercard Card anywhere in the world.


  • Crypto Mastercard CardRose Gold.

  • Metallic card with rose gold bath

  • Membership card with incredible benefits

  • Use it all over the world

  • Virtual cards for secure purchases

  • Global Account USDC (Digital Dollar) safest in the market

  • Account in EUROC (Digital Euros)

  • International top-ups and withdrawals

  • It's only 100 Gold Rose members

  • Discounts and privileges in restaurants, nightclubs, concerts, hotels, luxury cruises.


We make the impossible possible, and we not only open the doors to what is normally inaccessible, but we do it with unbeatable prices, giving you the best at the best price.

To request the Crypto Master Card, you must follow the following link...


Do you want to have a global account in digital dollars  and a virtual and physical crypto master card to be able to use it all over the world 💰 I invite you to open your EL CIRCULO life style club account. 


It's super easy, fast and safe! 🚀


Download it now, here.


Code to belong to the referred lifestyle club circle:- EL_CIRCULO




Be part of the community! 

If you still don't have your card, it's your time!


  • If you want to enjoy a "Premium" experience, this is your CARD: we make every moment unforgettable.

  • EXCLUSIVE TRIPS. Let yourself be carried away by your desires. The only limit is your imagination.

  • LUXURY CARS. Drive the most exclusive and spectacular vehicles in the world.

  • PRIVATE JETS. Fly without restrictions on schedules or destinations to any part of the world.
  • HIGH GASTRONOMYEnjoy the latest gastronomic trends.
  • YACHTS AND SAILBOATSDiscover yachts of unrivaled style, comfort and design.

  • PURCHASES AND EXPERIENCES. Enjoy a day of shopping or the experience that most appeals to you.

  • PREMIUM BEAUTY AND AESTHETICS. Take care of yourself in exclusive Clinics and Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Centers.

  • EVENTS. An event is there to enjoy it. We worry, so that you don't worry.

  • WELLNESS EXPERIENCE. Escape from everyday stress and pamper yourself with our experiences.

  • WINE TOURISM AND RURAL TOURISM. Lose yourself in the freedom of nature, only to find yourself again.

  • GOLF DAY.The best golf deals.

  • GOURMET. Delicatessen Gourmet Products and Exclusive Restaurants with special prices.

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